What Is Neon Mini Watt?

Digital Artist Selling HAPPY ART Printables + Greeting Cards
Hello World!
I'm Neon Mini Watt – yes, that's the electrifying name my electrician dad sparked up when I was just a little glow. Sure, my birth certificate says Lauren, but Neon Mini Watt is who I am, shining bright through my 30s.
I'm on a vibrant mission to spread joy and craft memories that resonate deep within, sparking that big magic in every soul I meet. I believe in unlocking the potential in each of us, recognizing our unique and sometimes unconventional missions. My dream? It's to lead a hyper-inspired, creative life, crafting art that leaves people in awe, steering clear from the mundane 9-5 routine.
I have a knack for connecting heart-to-heart, and it's my joy to see people light up, realizing their own extraordinary nature. Love letters? Oh, they are absolutely my jam. I'm all about keeping that beautiful, almost lost art alive. In the midst of life's darker moments, I'm that person who finds those sparks of joy, those magical moments that make our existence vibrant and worthwhile.
Let's inspire each other to embrace the extraordinary – because, let's face it, normal is just a setting on the dryer.
Much LOVE! - Lauren Crosby


Address: Jerome AZ,
United States of America